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I order a cell phone on do not order from this website they take your money and run!!!!! Google it and you will see I was not alone!!! wish I would of googled it before I ordered!!!! Don't know how they can still have a web site!!!!! They have no person to talk too NO customer Service ..and a number on my bank statement that is is not evern cellular it is or says badass wireless and a number so I called it and left messages cuz I wanted to know why their number was on MY bank someone calls me shortly after and tells me that the number I call was someones personal cell number..Well what is it doing on my statement??He or she hangs up on me!! Thank god for caller ID looked at it and it said Wildcat Group and the number..MM so I call it cuz I was steaming!!!!I get the same answering machine that has.So I called the number back that was on my statement 10-15 messages I left Not sure and I was going to call till I got a human voice all of sudden I hear a mans voice say HELLO so I say is this and I read the number and asked why this number was on my account he quickly handed the phone to a woman and of course she played dumb too.Did anyone get there money back so Far I see NO one did..


Agoura Hill CA

Monetary Loss: $299.


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Ordered phone from Cellular blowout over 5 months ago, and have yet to receive order.I have tried to contact them by phone with no success.

I've also emailed them, and all I get bact k is the same standard answer,"Your phone is on back order.

I can only assume now that my money is lost.I've contacted Visa fraud department as well.


Phone was backordered a month ago and I cancelled the order 5 times. They won't return my money or respond now.


please dont call me, i havent worked there in *** near 2 years


Call this number it may help ask for Clarissa Swallows



If you were scammed call this number everyday and tell them you want your money back the girls name would be Clarissa Swallows

1-805-320-3477 Bug them and contiue to do so till you get your money back!!! :(


My order was only partially filled over 1 YEAR AGO.Wildcat will not respond to email, phone calls or mail.

They still have my money and will not send me my order, let me change my order or cancel my order.

They are not to be trusted!!!They are a scam and will take your money too.

Rollingwood, California, United States #27198

Same as the thers - ordered phone 5 weeks ago - cannot cancel - no phone - no response.

Paid with Paypal - no refund.


Bliss, New York, United States #24348

they s--k do not buy anytjing this place doesnt exist apparently no phone took my money rip off

Arouca, Saint George, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines #20776

i also order 2 phones and data software over 27 days ago, no phones or software. they charged my cc and will not return any calls. i have put a stopped payment with my cc.

Jobstown, New Jersey, United States #18536

Same story.How can these sleazebags stay in business?

I ordered a phone, didn't receive it, canceled my order and was promised a refund within 10 to 14 days. Still haven't seen it one month later and they won't reply to my messages.

Calling my credit card company today.Don't buy from these jerks!

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