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Yes pls help me... They are Fraud!!!!!!!!!!!....

I ordered two cell phones to Cellular Blowout and they keep sending me an email they said it's backorder... Until i decided To cancel my order and returned my back... It's been 9 months and I still don't have my money...My bank can't help...

Because it's past 3 months before I decide to cancel the order from Cellular Blowout...I don't have job and I need the money right now... Pls can anybody Help me!.:(And this is the my order number C234041 from Cellular Blowout.

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I never got my order.... They keep saying it's backorder for 5 months...

That's I decided to email them back to cancel my order and give my money back and they said they will give it back!.... Now it's been a year and I haven't receive anything from them...

And it's almost $300 and I didn't pick up that money on the ground... I save that money.



Elizabeth, can you help with some details? It looks like you ordered something and it was backordered.

Then did you receive something and send it back?

Or did you get billed for something you never received? Help me understand what happened, and I'll try to help.

Dinosaur, Colorado, United States #241352
Sorry for my English...i'm just too tired typing a complain letters for Cellular Blowout.... I just want my money back thats all!.;( :cry

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