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I bought the phone from Cellular Blowout. It is a Motorola flip phone.

The phone gets to hot to hold. The screen goes blank or completely black.

I had the phone about a week when the problems began.

I contacted the company and they said it has exceeded their return policy I bought the phone on January 13, 2010 and contacted them about 1 week later. I just received and email that told me that I had received the phone which I obviously was aware of.

I think that they are being unreasonable in their polocy of no returns after 10 days

Monetary Loss: $69.

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Cellular Blowout is a SCAM! They have ripped-off thousands and thousands of people.

Lets stop them now!

Have you ever been ripped off by them? If you - do - please find time to send an e-mail to

We are committed to stopping this scam from ripping-off more people, and will have them refund those who suffered!


I'm not doubting your complaint here but my questiono to you is this:

Do you use a car charger? If so, this may be the source of your problems if it is not a car charger produced specificaly for that phone by the manufacture. If you are using an off brand car charger you have voided your warranty.

We could go into the details as to why this is but facts are facts. Make sure you buy and use a car charger produced by the manufacturer for that model.

As for the 1 week rule? Little ridiculous if you ask me....

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