In April of 2008, I ordered a razor phone from Cellular Blowout. Immediately after the charge showed up, I got an email saying that the phone was on back order. I tried to contact CB, but to no avail. I kept getting backorder emails for about 4 months.

It is now April of 2009 and I still do not have my phone nor my money. I still have not heard from the company as I have emailed them many times. I also filed a complaint with the BBB in their area, but CB did not respond to the BB.

When trying to contact them, Cellular Blowout says they will answer your email within 24 hours. This is not true.

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The same thing happened to me over a year ago, and I am still trying to get my money back or at least a phone. :(


I was taken for 109.00,went round and round with the company,filed a complaint with the B.B.B,they to are very lame,the F.T.C did nothing either,I guess its a perfect scam,advertise products you do not have and take money and hide with a lot of different name companys


Here is the information for cellular blowouts owner: David Bleeden phone number: 1-818-889-1789 ext. 203 email address: bleeden2000@yahoo.com Here is a phone number for Davids parent company "Strathmore Investments" 1-310-704-7605.

Email and call him until you get your refund. File complaints whenever you can...hopefully we can stop someone else from being ripped-off.

Good Luck,


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