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Cellular blowout was quick to take the money out of my account, and claimed the phones were in stock and ready to ship upon payment. I received an email 9 days after payment stating the phones were stocked out and will be shipped upon arrival.

30+ days later, still not shipped. I emailed customer service regularly and received little help. After 30+ days I asked for a cancellation of the order and a refund of my money. The lady responded with confirmation of cancellation.

Yet it has been another 30+ days and I still haven't been refunded. I try emailing and calling and receive no help. Today I called and the phone number has been disconnected. This business is worthless and completely full of ***.

It is not okay to steal from people and this is what cellular blowout is doing. They take money within 48 hours and never ship the goods or give refunds. The customer service is terrible as well. It seems that they have been trained to say the bare minimum to achieve the idea of hope and deception.

This company needs put under and forced to close it's doors.

Deception and stealing are bull and if I did it I would be prosecuted and placed in jail.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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